Vendor Spotlights | Jumping Jukebox

Jumping Jukebox will be the featured DJ and uplighting extraordinaire at our  Bridal Open House tomorrow, Thursday, July 21st!

Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding | Kendra + Eric | Greenville SC Wedding Photographer |

Starting out in 1986, they have done over 1000 weddings throughout the Carolinas and Georgia.  They help you choose your desired music for your reception as well as including song requests from you and your guests.  Their DJ’s take the time to get to know your guests and tailor the music even more from your guests requests, likes, and dislikes.  Blake and his team work hard to engage the guests and create whatever party atmosphere you desire!

“Blake, EZ, and the rest of the team are truly the most amazing DJ’s in the Upstate.  Not only are they knowledgable about how to make your event go smoothly, but they are energetic and will keep your party energized.  I’ve seen almost all the DJ companies in the Upstate and they are my #1 company to recommend!”  


Besides providing the music for your wedding, Jumping Jukebox will also help you plan your reception events from cake cutting and toasts to your bouquet toss.  Their team isn’t afraid to go above and beyond to make sure that your wedding reception is exactly what you imagine it to be.  “We want it to be the perfect portrait of the image YOU have in YOUR mind!”

For more information, check out their website at

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Vendor Spotlight | Chef 360

We’re so grateful to have so many talented chefs/catering companies in Greenville and we’re lucky enough to have one of them in our space for Thursday’s Bridal Open HouseChef 360 Catering will be the featured caterer showcasing their delicious and creative foods as well as their always impressive and fun displays!

Chef Peter Collins prides himself on providing the 360 experience to all of his clients. What is the 360 experience you might ask? Chef360 believes that the details define an event, and they will bend over backwards to make sure every detail is perfect.  From décor to staffing to the food itself, the versatility and passion that Chef 360 brings is sure to make any event a success.

“While most catering companies work on only the “culinary” part of an event, we handle ALL aspects of it—a 360-degree view if you will.”

Chef360 website

Entrepreneur Chef Collins graduated from Johnson & Wales with a degree in Culinary Arts.  In 2005 he decided to make his dream a reality and opened Chef360.  The fun-loving company has become a great success story, and the incredible fusion of food and ambiance that Chef360 creates is truly exquisite.  From weddings to corporate events to private parties, everybody loves Chef360 because of the individualized, intuitive approach they take with every client.

No matter what type of event you are planning, be sure to check out Chef360.  You’ll love the food, and you’ll love the people.  Don’t forget, they are a featured vender at our Bridal Open House!

For more information, check out the Chef360 website at

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Vendor Spotlight | Holly’s Cakes

Still in need of something sweet for your upcoming wedding? You’re in luck! Holly’s Cakes will be at our Bridal Open House event this Thursday, July 21st!

Lauren + Mike © J. Jones Photography -

If you’re looking for a baker Holly’s Cakes is one of our favorites here at The Old Cigar Warehouse!  Between her delicious cake flavors and beautiful designs, you can guarantee your guests will be satisfied with any of Holly’s sweet creations!

By working closely with a baker from Holly’s Cakes the two of you will design, taste, and decide exactly what you want in your wedding cake.  Based on your menu, budget, and if there is a theme, they can design a cake that truly fits into overall wedding day décor and theme.

“Holly’s Cakes was a fantastic choice for our wedding cake! We would highly recommend her to anyone that wants a delicious, beautiful cake, and one that people can’t help but having another slice of!  Holly will meet with you personally as much as you need in order to design the perfect cake that fits each couple’s tastes. We were highly pleased with not only the result but the service we received! We will definitely be using Holly again!”

Stop by and taste one of Holly’s sweet creations and talk to her about what you can create for your wedding day!

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Vendor Spotlight | Uptown Entertainment

We sure are excited for our Bridal Open House event next Thursday, so we’re highlighting another one of our fabulous vendors!  Uptown Entertainment – Photo Booth, will be showcasing their photo booth services for your next event at our Bridal Open House on July 21st!

uptown-entertainmentUptown Entertainment will be showcasing their Photo Booth services – you don’t want to miss out the fun! Choosing their photo booth services could provide another activity that your guests can do during your event – wedding, social event, a Tuesday – you name it! Guests can pick from dozens of props for the perfect photo before hopping in front of the camera! Photo strips are customized for every event and they print right on the spot, making for the ultimate party favor. c2015ryanalyssa-newman617


This Thursday and you and your guests can hop in and give it a try! They will be at our open house available to talk about their photo booth services and of course show off what it could look like for your next event, so be sure to register!

For more information, check out their website at

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Vendor Spotlight |Erica Berg Collective

Today we’re shining our Vendor Spotlight on The Erica Berg Collective! The talented crew will be a featured vendor at our Bridal Open House on July 21st showcasing their live-band services for any event!boyanoski-2017

The Erica Berg Collective “loves music as much as you do” and if you’ve heard them you’d be sure to agree! This band gives soul, blues and rock covers a unique twist with their signer, Erica Berg’s AMAZING voice. Offering a guitarist, bassist, drummer and pianist, the Erica Berg Collective is extremely versatile and can be tailored to fit clients’ needs and wants when it comes to entertainment. This versatility along with the exceptional customer service and vibrant energy of the band makes for an all around phenomenal experience.boyanoski-1928

Always creating an energetic atmosphere, The Erica Berg Collective, not only brings the entertainment but they make your experience from start to finish just as fun! Their services are available for a variety of events including weddings and events or you may even see them Downtown playing at various clubs and restaurants. When the band is playing for the public, people flock – Erica’s voice is known around Greenville and people love it! They pride themselves on making sure that everyone is having a good time, and their ability to read a crowd is a true testimony to that. Haven’t heard the music yet yourself? Here’s just one of the many amazing things bystanders have to say about this band:

“Erica Berg brings great energy to any event. Whether playing background music for a seated dinner, or performing for a crowd during a reception, everyone is sure to have a great time and come away raving about the music.”

Whether you are planning an event or searching for a great new musical act to check out, The Erica Berg Collective is definitely worth a look. Don’t forget, they are a featured vender at our Bridal Open House, so be sure to stop by to get a listen!

For more information, check out their website at

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Vendor Spotlight | Cureton Photography

Today’s shout out goes to Cureton Photography, a husband and wife duo and a featured vendor at our Bridal Open House on July 21st!

Cureton Photo

John and Anne have experience shooting weddings in Greenville for over six years, and continuously strive towards telling priceless stories through their photos. Combined, John and Anne’s previous work experiences have allowed for a platform for great photography now that they are working together. John’s experience as a wedding DJ before getting into graphic design, ultimately allowed him to explore his love for photography where he moved on to shoot big names such as Darius Rucker, KISS, Zac Brown Band and many more. Anne’s experience working for a local newspaper exposed her to not only photography, but the many events that take place regularly. These combined experiences not only make them a dynamic duo, but allows them to take whatever vision you have for your’ wedding and turn it into reality.


This couple has shot all across the Upstate and are happy to continue to do so. Not a Greenville native? No worries, these two can travel elsewhere to capture your perfect photo. They know what pictures most couples want to remember on their wedding day and strive to get those shots that capture all of the emotions and memories of the big day. With their affordable and high quality service, Cureton Photography is able to ensure “your wedding photography is a work of art that you will treasure forever.”


They will be at our Bridal Open House and able to discuss any questions you may have and show you some examples of their stellar work. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet these truly great photographers!

For more information, visit

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Vendor Spotlight | Gregory’s Formal Wear “On the Go!”

Today’s Vendor Spotlight goes to David Gregory from Gregory’s Formal Wear On the Go!



Greenville has been home to the Gregory family business since 1939 when Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Gregory opened Gregory’s Laundry Cleaners – a business with two generations following only to expand the family business. In 1972, their sons saw potential in a growing market and decided to expand the business into formal wear rentals. Grandsons of the founders, Buddy and David Gregory, continued to operate Gregory’s Formal Wear with the same dedication and premiere service as their predecessors. Their hard work consistently earned them the title of “Best Men’s Fashions of the Upstate.


Within the past two and a half years, David Gregory launched a new branch in the form of Gregory’s Formal Wear “On the Go!” With forty years of experience under his belt, Gregory has taken customer service to an entirely new level. He offers personal visits to the client’s place of choice in order to take proper measurements for a perfect fit. For out-of-town customers, David is happy to work with them directly over the phone or email to guide them through the process of obtaining professional measurements at no cost to them. This is a great service for those out of town grooms or groomsmen to ensure that they have a perfectly fitting and high quality suit waiting for them when they arrive in Greenville.

Gregory Formal Wear “On the Go!” is aligned with the premiere supplier of extremely high quality men’s formal wear in the country. To take the premiere service to the next level, Gregory delivers the custom outfits to the client’s home or office, or if preferred, the outfit may be picked up at the office location at 1322 East Washington Street.

They will be at our open house on July 21st available to talk about all of their services, so be sure to check them out!

For more information, check out their website at

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Tips & Tricks | Love Your Bar

You have the dress. Your girls and guys know what they’re wearing on your special day. You’ve picked out your caterer, DJ, and florist. You definitely know what your colors are. Now comes one of the most important parts–the bar! Whether it’s a high priority on your list for your wedding or a detail that you decide on a month or two before, it’s important that you LOVE you bar!

A way to provide something extra to help your guests celebrate your love even more, your bar should have everything that you need for a good time and a good drink! Thankfully, Liquid Catering, the exclusive alcoholic beverage provider for The Old Cigar Warehouse, knows how to help you LOVE your bar!

1 | Keep it Local

5 - Josh Jones Photography

If you love your area, then showcase it to your guests! Feature local brews and wine for your guests to try and to demonstrate why your wedding location is better than the rest!

2 | Have a Signature Drink


Signature drinks really bring an extra something to the table. Having a drink that is catered to your specific tastes or to match the colors of your wedding will really up the wow factor of your day! Giving the drink a cute and catchy name doesn’t hurt either!

3 | Pick Your Favorites


The best part about choosing a package? Getting to pick your favorite beers, wines, and liqueurs! Choosing a package that matched your tastes and the tastes of your guests will not only make you and your guests happy, but will also make your night even more enjoyable!

4 | Have a Champagne Toast


Even if you don’t have complete bar service or you opt for a mocktail bar, having a champagne toast will make kind words about you and your spouse even more special and will give you the opportunity to have some beautiful pictures of champagne flutes!

5 | Make It an Open Bar


Having your bar be an open bar instead of a cash bar is the ultimate way to show your guests that you care about them having fun and also a great way to say thank you to them for coming! No matter what package you order, keeping it an open bar definitely goes the extra step to making your event a special one.

Wedding Trends | First Look v. Traditional Aisle


In recent years, couples have been forgoing the tradition of waiting until the bride walks down the aisle for a more modern first look in the hours before the ceremony. With these two options, we think you can’t go wrong with either and below we have the list to prove it!

Pros of a First Look

A first look can be very beneficial for couples when it comes to saving time. Not only will a first look allow you to get pictures of the complete bridal party with ample time to spare, but it also allows you and your future spouse to have more time together after your ceremony to take pictures with family or to spend time alone together. The first look is also good for couples:

  • Worried about nerves getting the best of you? A first look is a great way to get the nerves out of the way.
  • Intimate, private moment before the excitement of the day.
  • Opportunity to get most photos done = more time to celebrate! Doing a first look allows photos with your wedding party and family before the ceremony. Always note that if you want formal photos with extended family, you may have to consider how big your family is and how much space you have for photos.

Pros of Traditional Aisle First Look


There’s beauty in tradition and we love how that translates in our couples’ photos. The tradition of waiting to see each other allows you both to spend the last moments before being wed with your family and friends. Not to mention the possibilities of sweet photos that can be taken beforehand! Other pros to the Traditional Aisle First Look:

  • It’s exciting! You can’t beat the feeling of seeing each other for the first time as you are about to pledge your life to each other in front of your family and friends.
  • Genuine emotion from the bride, groom and parents of the bride and groom as the bride walks down the aisle.
  • Traditional parents or guests? This is a great way to please them!
  • Opportunity to reflect and reminisce about your journeys that special day.
  • Extra time with your girls and guys in the moments leading up to your ceremony!

Here are some of our favorite photos of both the modern first look and traditional aisle first looks!



Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding | Caroline + Cody


Check back soon for more on first looks featuring parents, children and your wedding party!