The 6 Things Couples MUST Practice Before Their Wedding Day

Just as each detail with the decor, the cake and the guest list must be thought through carefully, couples should also consider paying close attention to a few key things before the big day. After all, if you’ve put all this time and effort into having everything be perfect, then you should practice to make it perfect! Our team has led hundreds of weddings, and coordinated with couples to ensure  ceremonies and receptions run as smoothly as possible. Here are the top six things we have found to be areas of practice for couples:

1. The photos: smiling  and posing in front of the camera. If you had engagement photos done, then you’ve already have an hour or two of smiling, candid shots and posing under your belt. Even so, thinking through a shot list of the photos you want from your photographer, and envisioning how you’d like your party to be staged is always a good idea. Practice your smile in the mirror, so you know you’re as natural and relaxed as possible for the big day.


2. The entrance.  In most cases, your wedding coordinator will be able to assemble  the wedding party so everyone can line up appropriately. But for those walking down the aisle, it’s best to practice with the person who will be escorting you – this is where the traditional rehearsal dinner before the ceremony comes in handy. For those walking solo, or couples walking together, practice how you’ll enter or where you’ll meet and how far you’ll travel.


3. Reciting your vows. Aaaaannnd here come the waterworks. We know you can get emotional when professing your sincerest thoughts out loud to your partner, especially on the biggest day of the rest of your lives. So, we recommend reading your vows out loud a few times the same way an actor would read their lines before a big play.


4. Your first kiss. The first kiss as a married couple is such an exciting moment, and it’s a one-time deal.


5. The first dance. Having formal lessons, whether you’ve got rhythm or “two left feet”, helps to alleviate any stress or anxiety associated with dancing in front of a crowd. It also helps you and your partner to have the basics down, so you feel comfortable and know exactly what to do when your song comes on.

Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding | Noveli Wedding Photography

6. Gracefully exiting conversations. With anywhere from 100 – 300 guests at some of our venue’s weddings, we’ve seen couples make the rounds and visit with family and friends.  Make sure you have a ‘go-to’ phrase ready to help keep things moving and give you plenty of time to say hello and then get to the next part of your evening.

We hope that after you take a little time to practice these six items, you’ll feel even more prepared and at ease for your wedding day. If you’ve been through the planning, and have any other tips to share for our soon-to-be-married couples, please leave them in the comments section below!

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