Top 5 Steps to Booking Your Dream Wedding Venue

You’ve got the ring. And maybe even a Pinterest boards saved for wedding inspiration. But the choice remains – where do you begin to choose a wedding venue?

Old Cigar Warehouse Wedding | FamZing Photography

Today, options are virtually endless in the locales of wedding ceremonies and receptions: warehouses, rustic barns, beaches or piers, hotels, vineyards, airplane hangars and much, much more.

Cortnie Purdy, a former wedding planner, travels all over the world to scout wedding locations and meet with industry professionals to curate the ultimate venue database. She shared some insights for what couples should consider before booking their venue, and our team picked our top five tips we feel everyone needs to know:

  1. Set a budget. Are your parents helping with the bill? Are you taking care of costs on your own? Knowing what you have to spend overall will help narrow your initial search.
  2. Know your head count. A venue that can’t hold the appropriate number of guests for your ceremony should remain off of the places-to-visit list.
  3. Walk through the venue. Sometimes, pictures can’t portray the feeling you get when you step into a space and it just seems right or potentially gives off the wrong kind of energy.
  4. Pick a season. Rates for venue rental often fluctuate between winter and spring or summer seasons, and the time of year can also help to determine whether you want an indoor or an outdoor event.Laurie + Paul
  5. Research. It’s always great to follow your instincts, but we highly recommend asking for recommendations from friends, reading reviews and glancing through photo galleries of real weddings taken place at the venue.

Keep these five tidbits in mind, and you’ll be sure to feel confident in finding (and booking!) your dream venue.

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