Congratulations Mandy and David!

Mandy and David met in Chicago at their favorite restaurant bar, called Hopleaf.  As drinks turned into dinner, the two began to realize they had a lot in common (like the street they lived on!) He walked her home, and later she accepted his invitation of a second date! 

Their best date ever was a trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Mandy said it was incredible because she felt like a kid again all day.


The couple was multitasking in Michigan (dog sitting a pooch named Winston, and attending some friends’ wedding!).  The AirBnB that they would be sharing with 9 other friends wasn’t ready when the couple arrived, so they took the dogs for a walk across the Michigan Dunes.  After the dogs had gotten their fill of the Dunes, Mandy decided it was time to head back.  As she turned to leave, Dave called to her, “You forgot something!” Mandy turned around to see him on his knee! The couple headed back to the AirBnB where they got to celebrate with all of their friends!

We asked Mandy when she knew Dave was the one, and she said “I think I kind of always knew! Right from the beginning. It just felt right.”

The couple will be going to Italy on their honeymoon, eating up all the carbs and drinking up all the wine they can get their hands on! Congratulations Mandy and Dave! We are so excited to celebrate with you!

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