Congratulations Ellen + Dominic!

Ellen and Dominic will be celebrating their reception with us at The Old Cigar Warehouse in 2017.  The couple is so excited to be getting married, and we are so excited to host them on their special day!

e22ff910-c307-428e-a43c-0bb037d661cd-rt_autoDominic and Ellen are one of those couples that deserve their own romantic movie.  Ellen had been hearing about Dominic for years before even seeing his face! There was always something in the way people would talk about him that made Ellen feel like she needed to meet Dominic.  When she finally saw a picture of him, she had an overwhelming feeling that she already knew him.  In her own words, “I knew his face would be important to me. I know that sounds crazy, but it was like sitting in a movie theatre and watching a preview for an adaptation of your favorite book, when you didn’t know it was coming out. You recognize what you’re seeing even though you’ve never had a visual of it before.”

fc930850-afee-4a4d-880e-59ed6393b0ed-rt_autoThroughout all of this, Dominic never even knew Ellen existed, but as fate would have it, after they finally met the two fell in love and decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.  Looks like Ellen’s premonition was spot on (in the best of ways)!

IMG_4169 (2).jpgCongratulations to the happy couple, we are so glad that your happily ever after worked out the way it did! We are so excited to celebrate with you on your wedding day!

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