Congratulations Brandi and Graydon!

Brandi and Graydon will be getting married at The Old Cigar Warehouse in April! We are so excited to host his beautiful couple and all of their family and friends for both their Ceremony and reception!

3d7cc56f-5d66-4b75-b2dc-c46d8447f03a-rt_auto-rs_325.jpgBoth the bride and the groom will have 7 members of their wedding party (wow!).  After their big day, the couple will jet off to Jamaica where they will enjoy a week of waterfalls, snorkeling, adventuring, dining and drinks.  What a way to start off married life!9c404f0b-7d98-4fb1-b10b-669be9569b63-rt_auto-rs_325

Brandi and Graydon met online and immediately hit it off!  They bonded over their love of dogs! So, naturally they set up a doggie date at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery.  It clearly went well, because a few weeks later they were dating!


In Greydon’s words, “She was sweet, nice, and funny, loves Jesus, and has beautiful eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at her.” How cute is that!?  There is nothing sweeter than a couple so deeply in love.  2f0a6c3c-33ce-4ef2-b2fe-89d02638ada4-rt_auto-rs_325.jpg

Things kept going well and before long Greydon decided it was time to pop the question! On Thanksgiving day, he asked Brandi’s father for permission to marry his daughter, and got the a-okay!

Shortly thereafter Greydon and Brandi took a trip to The Biltmore House where Greydon got down on one knee and asked Brandi to be his wife! Take a look at the shot from their engagement!d96885a1-b69e-4ae9-8bf1-32f5ad266f82-rt_auto-rs_325.jpg

Congratulations Brandi and Graydon! We are so thrilled to host your special day and to see where your life together takes you!

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