Congratulations Katie + Matt!


Katie and Matt had a few mutual friends in college but never actually met until after graduation.  One of said mutual college friends introduced the two on a summer night in downtown Greenville.  Clearly the two got along pretty well, because before long they were dating!


One night in Falls Park, Matt stubbed his toe on a rock and hurt it pretty bad.  Not realizing the extent of the injury, Katie gave him a hard time about it, but Matt was a good sport and gave it right back to her.  Soon after, Katie introduced Matt to her parents, who absolutely loved him.  That affirmation along with the night at Falls Park confirmed what Katie already suspected- Matt was the one.


In January 2016, Matt decided it was time to pop the question.  He took Katie out to Blueridge, Georgia (which was in the middle of nowhere) for a romantic getaway in an old cabin.  The moment was perfect.  Snow was falling outside the cabin and the two decided to light a fire.  Matt then asked Katie to be his wife, and she (of course!) said “Yes!”  The moment was a total surprise, and absolutely perfect!


The two will be honeymooning somewhere tropical after their wedding to start off their lives as husband and wife.  Congratulations to the happy couple! We can’t wait to celebrate with you!


Photography by Ryan & Alyssa

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