Congratulations Lorraine and Kyle!

Lorraine is a Florida native who decided to move to Columbia, South Carolina because of her aspiration to become part of the Southern culture! She wanted to meet a nice southern boy and become a “Southern Belle!”  Kyle already lived in Greenville South Carolina, where he attended Furman University.  He transitioned to Columbia for law school, where he was lucky enough to spot Lorraine from across the Auditorium on the first day of school.  Kyle (the social butterfly) made plenty of friends easily, but somehow couldn’t find a way to introduce himself to Lorraine.  Finally, Kyle caught up to her after class one drizzly day to walk her to the garage.


The two were thrown together one day when Lorraine’s friend (who she was getting dinner with) left her alone with Kyle (who had weaseled his way into a conversation with the friends).  Kyle was elated because of his love of talking to new people, Lorraine was mortified because of her hatred of talking to new people.


Using the next day’s tailgate as an excuse, Kyle managed to get Lorraine’s number, despite her reluctance. After a few “Pre-dates,”which included some drinks and Disney/Netflix conversation,  Lorraine informed Kyle that he could officially call her his girlfriend.


During the couple’s 3rd semester of Law School finals, Kyle’s phone began to blow up with pictures of rings from Lorraine (a very subtle hint).  She claimed she wanted to be surprised whenever he decided to pop the question, so she wanted to get all of the information on the table and allow him to do with it what he wanted.  They had- after all- just begun talking about long-term plans.


That summer, the two planned a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina.  Kyle planned to propose at the Angel Oak tree, but ultimately decided there were too many people around.  So, as a plan B, Kyle lead Lorraine to the Pineapple fountain, where there were numerous children swimming  around, so he decided to move on again.  Kyle was running out of romantic places to pop the question until he spotted a secluded flowerbed overlooking the water where he finally found the right moment to get down on one knee and ask her to be his wife.  To which Lorraine said “So you can call me that word now… Fiancé.”  Quite the romantic.


Congratulations to the happy couple! We are so excited to host your wedding!

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