Meet the Intern

We welcomed our 2016 Summer Interns last week and asked them to share about their first day with us and Liquid Catering. Meet Caroline: a Clemson student graduating in December later this year, we are excited to welcome this Spartanburg native to Downtown Greenville for the summer. Check out her thoughts after her first day of her internship!


Driving into Greenville this morning, I was filled with many different emotions.  Excitement to be getting out of Clemson for at least a little while, nervous for the tasks that lay ahead of me, and a little bit overwhelmed with starting a new chapter and what exactly my first day would be filled with.  After being introduced to some people and shown around, we were introduced to the Handbook. Reading and going over the handbook cleared some things up for me but also reassured me that I would be leaving with many different types of business experiences under my belt.  From sales and marketing to operations to bartending, we as interns will understand the entire company backwards and forwards which is something not many interns get the opportunity to experience.

            Looking ahead I am excited to be a part of a team that from first impression seems very friendly, inviting, and who also enjoys their jobs and goes above and beyond their best to make sure every event goes as well as it can.  I am also looking forward to learning and gaining business experience through working directly under the CEO while also working under every department of the company. I can’t wait to gain the hands-on experience needed to better myself as an intern and future employee for whatever business I may end up in. 

We are so excited to have you, Caroline!


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