From the Intern | My Experience with The Old Cigar Warehouse

My name is Lauren and I spent the 2016 Spring Semester as the Marketing and Events Intern for The Old Cigar Warehouse and Liquid Catering.


Working as an intern this spring was definitely eventful. Going into my internship, I mostly expected a 9 to 5 job and maybe one event on Saturday. I was definitely surprised when I realized that my schedule would never be set in stone. Some weeks I would work only in the office—answering phones, writing blogs, editing photos, making graphics, etc. But most weeks—especially during March, April, and May—I found that a slow week for me was working less than three events.

The events that I was able to work as an intern were absolutely incredible! From experiencing the planning side of our Bridal Open House to watching adorable puppies race in the Pawmetto Derby to rehearsing and ushering for CNN’s Presidential Town Hall, there has never been a dull moment at The Old Cigar Warehouse when it comes to events. And the weddings are no different! Whether bartending, managing, or assisting Wedding Director, Emily Peck (who also happens to be the best intern supervisor around), weddings at The Old Cigar Warehouse are on an entirely different level than most weddings. The brides are stunning, the grooms are handsome, and the entire atmosphere of the venue really reflects each individual wedding.


I’ve given tours, held puppies, checked coats, signed for deliveries, waited tables, decorated tables, told brides that they’re gorgeous (and meant it every time), said “congratulations” hundreds of times, called strangers, convinced Anderson Cooper that I worked for CNN, developed an appreciation for good drinks, made logos, learned how to pour by counting, managed an event that most of my former classmates attended, ate a lot of Table 301 food, spent hours on Pinterest, won employee of the month, listened to a lengthy disagreement about oranges on bars, and created a successful GoFundMe campaign thanks to my coworkers.

I can write so much about how much I’ve learned about the professional world from my coworkers, but that’s nothing compared to how much they care about their clients, their vendors, and me. The most memorable thing during my internship by far was my father’s unexpected death—exactly one month into my internship. The weekend before he passed away, my Director of Operations encouraged me to go and spend the weekend in Charlotte with my dad since I had just been given news that his health was unexpectedly deteriorating. It turned out to be the last days that I would spend with him, and I am so thankful that my coworkers encouraged me to go home. Through the next few weeks following my father’s death, the team here at The Old Cigar Warehouse and Liquid Catering was nothing but supportive and understanding.

Every single person from The Old Cigar Warehouse and Liquid Catering that I’ve worked with on an event has impacted my life and viewpoint in some way. Whether it was therapeutic chats in van rides, talking about The Walking Dead, dancing like happy fools at the Anniversary Party and Lindsey’s wedding, coming up with innovative ways to raise money to go see the new Batman movie, or filling my snapchat story with hilarious moments, each day at work was a new adventure and I always learned something new. As far as being a well-rounded human, I am certain that I could not have learned more from any other internship.

I’m very thankful that Tammy took the chance of hiring a recent Bob Jones University graduate as their intern for a bartending company and event venue. I think it worked out pretty well.

The fact that I’m ending my last day as an intern by working at the sold-out Chris Stapleton concert is also pretty amazing.


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