Special Event | Greenville Humane Society

On April 21, the Greenville Humane Society hosted their 3rd annual Palmetto Derby at The Old Cigar Warehouse. With over 300 attendees and 23 puppies at the event, the Derby got off to a great start with live music in the Main Hall, drinks provided by Liquid Catering in the Cellar, Main Hall, and on the deck and derby-themed food provided in the Cellar. It all led up to the main event of the evening – the “Run for the Noses” race where adorable (and adoptable!) puppies competed to win the “Run for the Noses” trophy, complete with dog treats for the winner!


Decked out in their derby garb, derby-goers waited excitedly for the puppies to be brought out* for the different heats by placing bids on the silent auction in the Main Hall, sampling some of Dark Corner Distillery‘s whiskey in the cellar, and helping raise money for the Greenville Humane Society by donating money to the dog that they thought would win the race! With flowers that featured dog treats and large posters of puppies decorating the space, anticipation filled the venue for the event to come.

Once it was time for the “Run for the Noses” race to begin, most of the crowd migrated out to the deck and pavement to watch the puppies compete in the parking lot below while some stayed inside to watch the competition from the screens placed in the Main Hall and Cellar.


The races began with an ADORABLE start as the puppies got to meet their sponsors who showered them with love, treats and fun outfits for the puppies to race in. The crowd went wild as each puppy was introduced before heading to the starting line.

2016-04-21 19.38.58

2016-04-21 19.18.00

Once a winner from each heat was declared, all of the winners came back to the track to compete one last time to find out who would be crowned the winner of the “Run for the Noses” race! After a close event, Barley & Us (sponsored by Gics Foods, LLC) took home the “Run for the Noses” trophy and immediately celebrated with his prize!

Following the derby, guests reentered the venue and enjoyed more refreshments while waiting to hear the announcement of which puppy raised the most money for the night! That trophy went to Whiskey (sponsored by Dark Corner Distillery) who raised $4,105!

This year’s event raised over $50,000! Such a wonderful event to help the Greenville Humane Society’s pups (and other animals). We look forward to next year’s Pawmetto Derby races!


Photos provided by Chelsey Ashford / TOWN Magazine and The Old Cigar Warehouse staff

*Due to our current policy, no dogs were allowed inside the building (Main Hall and Cellar) or on the Deck at any point during this event. 

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