2016 Summer Wedding Trends

Summer is just around the corner and we could not be more excited about the summer weddings this year! With a new season comes new trends, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the summer trends that we’re excited to see in our space this summer!

Laid Back Live Music

We love live music here at The Old Cigar Warehouse, so we’re thrilled to see the trend of having laid back, live music playing during the cocktail hour! Whether it’s a lone guitar playing classics or a string quartet giving your guests a taste of classical music, having live background music adds so much character to your cocktail hour!


Nothing says summer like wildflowers! Completing your wedding décor with some of these wild blooms will really make your wedding stand out and add extra dimension and color to your wedding photos without seeming overdone. We definitely are loving these natural looking bouquets being held by our beautiful brides!

Bringing the Outside Inside

The beauty of nature inside of a beautiful venue? Sign us up! We love the trend of bring foliage inside of venues! Have the best of both worlds by bringing a wedding that looks like it’s outside, indoors!


Emphasis on the Couple’s Story

Your guests are already at your wedding to celebrate your love and commitment to one another, but allowing them to see even more into your love story is a trend that we adore. Hanging pictures up as decoration during cocktail hour, producing a timeline of major events in your relationship, making table numbers that mean something to you, or even writing your vows as your wedding altar backdrop are just some of the ways to make your wedding day more personalized and unique to you!

Wow Factor Backdrops

You and your fiancé are already going to look stunning on your big day. You’ll be getting married in front of all your family and friends, so why not step up your altar a little more? Backdrops that bring a wow factor to your big day  will not only draw everyone’s eyes to you even more, but will help create whatever atmosphere you want. TIP: Note that some of these gorgeous backdrops are not all elaborate. Sometimes a simple backdrop (consider the written vows) brings the WOW just as much!

Hanging Lights

One of the best features at The Old Cigar Warehouse is our hanging lights…they’re in every space! So it’s no surprise that we love the trend of hanging lights at receptions and ceremonies! Whether dimmed or fully lit, hanging lights can change the atmosphere of your event and really wow your guests.


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