Real Event | Bob Jones University Senior Class Banquet


As graduation rapidly approaches for university seniors, students begin to feel nostalgic about the time spent with their college friends. Realizing the need to create as many memories as possible with the short time that they have left, the Bob Jones University Student Leadership Council held the First Annual BJU Senior Class Banquet with us on April 7th, to celebrate the last four years for the Class of 2016.



From the moment that the guests arrived for refreshments in the Main Hall, excited chatter filled the venue as the seniors congregated with their fellow classmates and began reminiscing on memories that they shared during their last year of undergrad.

The Senior Class Representative welcomed everyone once everyone arrived and had the opportunity to mingle with their classmates in the Main Hall. After thanking the guests for coming and giving a blessing for the meal, the guests made their way to the Cellar to enjoy a meal provided by Bagatelle Catering.


Following dinner and a presentation by the Student Leadership Council and Alumni Association, guests were encouraged to leave one of the highlights from their four years as a student at Bob Jones University on the large chalkboard positioned in the Main Hall.


Before leaving for the night, students took the time to capture memories with their friends as this would be one of the final events that they would attend as undergraduate students.



Congratulations to the Class of 2016! We’re excited to see what the future holds for you!


*photography provided by BJU student and attendee, Jae Kim.

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