Vendor Spotlight | Chef360

Is there a better way to kick off the weekend than talking about delicious food? Chef360 provides more than just delicious food, but fun displays and innovative options to help customize your event as well! With the mantra “ALWAYS play with your food”, Chef360 easily takes today’s vendor spotlight!


Started by Chef Peter Collins, Chef360 offers so many incredible and diverse options to make sure that the food at your event is uniquely matched to your tastes and your style. Chef360 tackles everything from corporate lunches to extravagant weddings to fundraisers to Wizard of Oz themed parties. No matter what your preference, Chef360 can help you create the perfect menu.

Even if you’re not looking for someone to cater a large event, Chef360 offers the chance for you to hire a private chef, take a cooking class, or choose from many other options for everyone to have the chance to experience the masterful talents of one of our preferred vendors!


Go ahead and Chef360’s website today to get started on making your event truly you!

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