Wedding Trends | Ways to Ask Someone to be in Your Wedding


Now that your special someone has popped the question, it’s time for you both to ask your nearest and dearest to stand by you on your special day! Thankfully, there are some new trends popping up to help make your bridal party feel even more honored to be included in your big day!

1 | With a Meal

If you’re already known for your parties and events, invite your future bridesmaids over for a home cooked meal or find a local restaurant where all of you can meet. Asking all of your attendants at the same time can let them all get to know each other better and set the tone for the bridal showers and parties to come! Don’t forget the men! this is a great opportunity to invite your fiancé’s groomsmen along too.

2 | With a Bottle of Wine

What better way to ask your best friends to stand by your side than with a personalized bottle of their favorite drink? Just head over to an etsy shop or create something in photoshop and you’ll have a gift that is not only enjoyable, but also Instagram worthy! Is a bridesmaid or groomsmen not a big drinker? No problem! This can easily be done with their favorite non-alcoholic drink as well.

3 | With a Scavenger Hunt

Did your fiancé go all out on your proposal? Are you one to make things over the top? Send your girls on a scavenger hunt leading them to places that signify important places in your friendship!

4 | With a Survival Kit

Being a bridesmaid or groomsman can be a lot of work! Go ahead and give your people a box of useful and fun things to help prepare them for your big day or to start celebrating early!

BONUS: Ask your flower girl or ring bearer to be in your wedding by using one of these kid-friendly ideas! If they can read, we love the puzzle!!

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One thought on “Wedding Trends | Ways to Ask Someone to be in Your Wedding

  1. Including the flower girl and ring bearer in this is such a cute idea! I love the idea of personalized gifts or invitations for your bridesmaids as well. Thanks for sharing the ideas!


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