Wedding Trends | Wedding Favors

b7cadde964a1114782766ad97ce94a3e.jpgYou’ve already invited those special to you and your fiancé to celebrate your wedding, so why not thank them for making the trip! Wedding favors are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests. But this tradition has come a long a way from it’s origins. Here’s a look at some favors that we absolutely adore for 2016!


The perfect favor, especially on a hot summer day! Using fresh fruit as a wedding favor will not only refresh your guests, but let them enjoy something sweet (and healthy)! #shoplocal

Glass Bottles

Nothing says vintage like a classic glass bottle! Whether you’re going for a old school vibe or southern charm, glass bottle can be the perfect way to continue sharing the newlywed’s favorite things while thanking loved ones for attending.


Love nature or know that your guests have green thumbs? Make your wedding favors small plants! Miniature plants such as succulents are the perfect gift so your guests can watch their plant grow as your love after your wedding does too!

Sweet Treats

What better way to celebrate the sweetness of your love than with these treats? Whether you choose donuts, cookies, cupcakes, popcorn or Instagram worthy macaroons, your guests will leave with the feeling of appreciation and the desire for more.

Drinking Accessories

It’s no secret that we love drinking accessories as favors! Give your guests the gift that keeps on giving through any of these fun and reusable gifts! Have them sitting on the bar or at the table so that your guests can use them throughout the night!


Looking for something you can easily DIY or create a lot of cute sayings for? Candles are the perfect option! Let your guests know that they’ve warmed your heart by attending and send them home with a sweet smelling gift!


If coffee is a major key to your everyday life, you may want to consider giving out a personalized mug or your favorite roast to your guests. One can never have too many mugs and there are many great local places that you can go to for supplies to impress your coffee connoisseur guests!

Midnight Snack

If your guests will be dancing and drinking into the night, give them the gift that will replenish them! A midnight snack is a great way to take care of the guests who care so much about you!

And don’t forget! While wedding favors are a great way to say thanks for coming, thank you notes are still our favorite tradition. With all major communication being online or through some form of technology, there is no better way to say thanks than a hand written note!

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