Real Event | International Ballet


On March 10, 2016, the International Ballet hosted Passport to Dance at the Old Cigar Warehouse. A highly educational night, the event showcased pre-professional dancers performing classical ballet from around the world!


With décor and food perfectly matching the theme and each country showcased, the night was off to a great start! Throughout the night, the ballerinas performed at the top of the stairs, little vignettes of famous ballets from different countries. Before every dance they would show a passport to dance video, and after the dances, a video played discussing that particular ballet, the history of ballet from that country, and famous ballerinas that originated in those countries. With every moment perfectly spaced out, there was never a lull in the evening.


With classical music provided by The Erica Berg Collective, a signature drink created by Liquid Catering, and planning by Flourish Events, the guests had a wonderful time learning and experiencing the different countries, dances, and cultures.





Bartending: Liquid Catering

Catering: Cribbs Catering

Event Planning: Flourish Events

Music: The Erica Berg Collective

Photography: Karl Trump Photography

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