Corporate Event Trends

We love our corporate clients! Having different businesses come into our space and host an event for their clients and employees is such a great way to get to know some local businesses in the Upstate. No matter if it’s a big business or a local startup, hosting a party or event can be a great way to boost company spirit and bring in new business! If your company is planning on hosting an event in the near future, here are some corporate event trends that can be customized to your experience:

1. Different Venues


Traditionally, most companies like to hold events in hotel ballrooms or at their business space. But a new trend is hosting an event in a different kind of venue–one that will keep your guests talking about the place from weeks, maybe even years to come! Making your venue memorable helps make your event memorable. By choosing a venue that doesn’t scream “business”, your event stands out from the rest and will keep your employees excited for future business meetings or events.

2. Locally Sourced


Bringing in clients from out of town? Use your event or meeting time to continue to show off why you love being in your city. Keep things local!  It doesn’t matter if your business is an international corporation or not. Use your surrounding area and all that it has to offer to show why your location is the best! Book services like the “Everything Local” package from Liquid Catering for your event to showcase what your community has to offer in the liquid variety.

3. Security


Though you may not think that you need security for your event, it makes your guests feel safer. Using security at your event shows that you care about your guests’ safety and the importance of what you’re trying to say that day. Not only will security companies like Bravo1 prevent unwanted visitors at your event, they will also ensure that your guests’ safety is the ultimate priority coming and leaving the event.

4. Experience Over “Stuff”


While many people feel that they should provide a lot of gifts or other “stuff” to the guests at their event, it’s much more important to the guests that they have a great experience, and not just a nice memento. Giving your employees, clients and other guests plenty of opportunity to have face-to-face conversation or activities, entertainment whether it’s interactive or amusement, and of course, an overall unique event – you really can’t go wrong!

No need for a big blowout every quarter? We understand, some bigger parties are better to be left for only the holiday season. However, consider having a company-wide meeting at a different location. Who doesn’t love to get out of the office everyone in a while? Most of your employees will love the change in scenery!

Laurie + Paul

Questions about hosting your next corporate event? Contact Christie for your next employee meeting or holiday event!

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