Wedding Trends | Non-Floral Centerpieces

Centerpieces have always been a staple when it comes to wedding reception décor, especially floral centerpieces. But what if flowers aren’t really your style? Or you know you and your guests have very bad allergies (Something to consider!)? Thankfully, there is a new trend among wedding centerpieces–not involving floral! Take a look at these new centerpiece options to see which one fits your wedding the best!


Maybe you’re a teacher or librarian, books have special meaning in your relationship, or you simply like the rustic look! No matter what your reasoning, if you don’t want a full floral centerpiece, books may be for you!


Want a whimsical centerpiece without a flower overload? Bird Cages are the perfect alternative! Not only can you fill them with items that mean a lot to you and your partner, but you can also keep them empty and they are just as beautiful! And if you decide you still want a touch of floral, these will lend themselves perfectly for a stunning centerpiece!


So maybe you’re not really a fan of flowers, but you’re definitely into natural elements. If so, consider using plants such as succulents for your centerpieces! Though they may be small, plants can pack a pretty significant punch when it comes to drawing the eye to your gorgeous details!

Tea Cups

If you’re a lover of thrift stores and antiques, these might be the centerpieces for you! Simple, delicate, and beautiful, tea cup centerpieces won’t take up much room and provide uniqueness to every table.


Geometric terrariums are definitely popular for homes, so why not bring them to your wedding! This trendy centerpiece will bring your wedding to the next level! But don’t worry that you only have to put plants in them. Terrariums can house many different items that will help make your wedding even more unique!

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