Real Wedding | Becca + Reimer

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What’s the best way to both end and start the year? A wedding, of course! Becca + Reimer’s New Years Eve Wedding was the perfect way to not only welcome the New Year, but also to welcome their newest adventure–marriage.
Becca, a graphic designer with a strong sense of style, and Reimer, a Greenville native and member of the Greenville Symphony, planned their wedding from Detroit, Michigan, by contacting local wedding planner Christine Faust. After in-depth planning weekends in Greenville and numerous video chats, Becca and Reimer’s wedding day finally came.

A fun loving and down to earth couple, Becca + Reimer set out with the goal of having a fun wedding–and that’s exactly what they accomplished! Starting out, their wedding celebration was a perfect mix of casual and formal, the guests were greeted on the tented deck with sliders, truffles, and champagne before being escorted down the staircase to their seats in the Main Hall for the ceremony. Mulfinger Strings provided music for the guests to listen to as they waited for Becca to make her grand entrance.

Finally, the time came for Becca to descend down the staircase and walk down the aisle. As Becca was escorted to the altar by her mother, the love and joy that Reimer felt as he watched the love of his life come toward him showed on his face. After a loving embrace from Becca’s mother, the ceremony began.
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Officiated by a close friend, the ceremony was full of sweet moments and laughter as four close friends and family members offered personal messages to Becca + Reimer during the ceremony. When the couple shared their first kiss, the deck doors opened to the sound of Shannon Hoover’s Jazz Quintet in full swing, beckoning the guests to cocktail hour on the tented deck.
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With the bride and many guests being vegetarian, Good Life Catering worked with the couple to make vegetarian options available including serving quinoa and black bean burgers as sliders during the cocktail hour. Coupled with an open bar provided by Liquid Catering, the cocktail hour served as the perfect precursor to the fun to come during the reception!
The newlyweds and their bridal party came back into the main hall during the cocktail hour to take some fun group photos before Becca + Reimer headed out to share a few private moments after the ceremony and to take gorgeous portraits outside of The Old Cigar Warehouse.
With place cards provided at the foot of the staircase, the guests reentered the building and were seated in the cellar where a family-styled dinner waited for them. Since Becca + Reimer are not big cake people, they had a gorgeous miniature cake to cut and multiple small deserts for their guests to enjoy after their delicious meal. In true NYE fashion, black and gold décor enhanced the celebratory atmosphere of the reception!

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After the dinner, it was party time!  The party kicked off with a choreographed dance by the couple, the bride’s uncle, and the groom’s mother to “Jump in the Line” that lead into a conga line with maracas. It didn’t take long that all of the guests to join in on the fun! Two of the bridesmaids kept the fun going by giving a musical toast to the happy couple, with Groove Collection following afterward to keep the party hype. As midnight and the New Year approached, there was a certain magic in the air that was heightened by the evident love shared between Becca + Reimer, and how happy they were to be celebrating with their family and friends.

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After a countdown by the band, balloons fell from the ceiling, creating the ultimate New Years Eve atmosphere for everyone present. The pure joy and awe from the celebration carried on as the band played a cool rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” to welcome in 2016.

Reebs  that guy (740 of 795)Reebs  that guy (741 of 795)Reebs  that guy (739 of 795)Reebs  that guy (743 of 795)After celebrating the New Year and Becca + Reimer’s union with a huge dance party, it was time to see the happy couple off! The guests gathered outside to send them off with glow sticks and bubbles. The night ended as a rickshaw carry them away from the wedding and on to their new life as husband and wife!Reebs  that guy (790 of 795)Reebs  that guy (793 of 795)Reebs  that guy (795 of 795)

Becca + Reimer Vendors:

Bartending Company: Liquid Catering

Baker: Buttercream Bakehouse

Balloon Drop: And Why Not Balloons

Caterer: Good Life Catering

Ceremony Music: Mulfinger String Quartet

Cocktail Hour Music: Shannon Hoover Jazz Quartet

Florist: Statice Flowers

Getaway Rickshaw: Reedy River Rickshaw

Makeup: Cotton Rouge

Photography: The Mondays 

Reception Music: Groove Collection

Rentals: Professional Party Rentals

Shuttle: Eastside Transportation

Wedding Planner: Christine Faust


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