Wedding Trends | Family Style Reception


When it comes to the food at a wedding reception, most people think of two options: buffet or sit down dinner. A new option emerges in 2016 for those who would like to have the self-service of a buffet combined with the elegance of a sit-down dinner: Family Style reception.

For those who are unfamiliar, most Family Style dinners have guests seated at long, farmhouse tables where a salad is already placed at their seat. Servers will then bring out multiple dishes of different foods and place them on the table for your convenience and self-service. Gone are the long lines and the wait to be served! Everyone can eat at once and have the same opportunity to have the dish that they want.

There are many reasons why Family Style receptions are a coming trend in 2016, and we’re very excited about this option! Still aren’t sure why Family Style is a growing trend or a possible option for you? Check out these reasons below:

1. It’s casual, yet elegant.

Many guests present differing views when it comes to wedding receptions. Some prefer the option of choosing a variety of food from a buffet, while others find buffets to be too casual for such a special occasion. A Family Style dinner allows the guests to still choose what they prefer from a variety of foods placed on the table, while not having to wait in a long line or worry about spilling food on the way back to the table. Differing from that of a traditional sit-down reception, your guests won’t have to wait for each individual guest to have a plate brought out to them so that they can begin eating. Everyone is able to enjoy the delicious catering at the same time, allowing for a more enjoyable meal.

2. It creates a warm atmosphere.

There’s nothing better than to hear from your guests after your wedding that they had a great time! Family Style receptions aid in the enjoyment of your guests. The passing of dishes create conversation amongst your guests. Whether they’ve known each other for 20 years or 5 minutes, Family Style creates a camaraderie between guests as they get to know each other in a setting that is reminiscent of a dinner at home.


3. It can save you money.

Always a plus for anyone with a budget, a Family Style dinner can actually save you money! Because guests serve themselves at the table, fewer waitstaff is required for your reception than would be at a traditional sit-down dinner.* Also, you won’t have to spend as much on elaborate centerpieces! Your food in pretty dishes will be enough to make your table look like hours were spent on decor for the table, even if all that tops it are a few candles or flowers!

*This however, does depend on the catering service that you use! 

Additionally, this kind of reception could save you more time and money when it comes to sending out invitations! Instead of having to send an extra piece of paper asking guests what dish they would prefer, guests can make that decision for themselves at the event has they will have a variety of options!

Not only will a Family Style reception set your wedding apart from the rest, it offers your guests the opportunity to enjoy each other’s company, experience great food, and recount favorite memories about you and your spouse at the table.

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