Wedding Trends | Guestbooks


You want to remember everyone who came to your wedding–these are the people who wanted to celebrate the most important day of your life with you! But try as you or your photographer might, it’s almost impossible to keep track of every single person via camera or memory. That’s why guestbooks have remained a tried and true staple of weddings. But there’s only so much space in homes for a book full of names. Why not give this traditional wedding element a new twist?

Here are a few ways to keep the tradition of guestbooks while making it your own:

If you love playing board games…

…you may want to consider using Jenga pieces for your guest book! Have each guest sign a piece so you and your spouse can reminisce about the happiest day of your life on game nights or bring it out as a fun tradition for your anniversary!

If you love an extra personal touch…

…have your guests sign pieces of a quilt! Whether already attached or a project that you want to sew together yourself, a quilt guestbook is a practical and cozy way to keep memories that can also keep you warm!

If you’re a puzzle aficionado…

…try putting out puzzle pieces for your guests to sign! No matter if the pieces are blank or have a picture on the front, a puzzle is a great way to remember people who were pieces of your wedding and the celebration of your marriage! After they’re all signed, you and your spouse can put them together again and again, or you can frame the finished product and displayed it in your home!

If you love travel…

…maps and globes may be the way to go! Have your guests sign their favorite vacation spot, the place where they traveled from, or a place they think you should visit!

If you love music…

…consider having your guests sign vinyl records or a guitar! Have a vinyl copy of your first dance song for your guests to sign, a copy of the song you walk down the aisle to, or an instrument that you or your spouse use to serenade each other with.

If you love wine…

…have your guests sign wine corks! You may already have the materials for a guest book at your home – who doesn’t love saving a little money?! Display them in a shadow box or make them into cork art. Or, you may prefer to have your guests sign bottles of wine. Have a few marked 1, 5, 10, 15, etc. and open them on each corresponding anniversary! After you’ve opened them, you can use them as vases or décor in your home together.

If you love the faces of your friends…

…polaroids may be the ideal guestbook for you! Have your guests snap a picture of themselves, put it in a book or on a line, and write a note to accompany it! This way you’ll remember what everyone looked like on this important day (and maybe have some funny picture to post on Facebook later)!

If you love crafts…

…thumbprint guestbooks could be a good idea for you! Not only do you get something very unique from each of your guests, but you also have the opportunity to let your guests feel like they’re making something for you too.

If you love celebrating…

…have your guests sign their names to a calendar! Have them sign their birthdays or anniversaries so that you can celebrate important events in their lives for years to come.

If you love art…

…have your guests sign a piece of art that you made or that someone made for you. Not only does it create something completely personalized toward you and your spouse, but it also allows you to add some awesome art to your home after you tie the knot.


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