10 Planning Tips for the Newly Engaged


Most of us girls have been planning our weddings since we were little. With the invention of Pinterest, the amount of time that we’ve spent planning our weddings has skyrocketed compared to that of our mothers and grandmothers!

But now the time has come for you! You are recently engaged to the love of your life and are excited to plan the perfect day to celebrate your love for one another! But where do you start and what exactly do you need to do? Here are some planning tips to help you create the wedding of your dreams:

#1 | Set a Budget


Before you set a date, make your guest list or select a venue, set a budget. Outline how much you are able to spend and decide which elements of your wedding are worth the most to you. There’s no need to start out married life in debt.

#2 | Choose a Season–Not a Date


When you start thinking about when you want to get married, it’s best to chose a season in which you want to marry and not a specific date. Tying yourself down to a date before booking your dream venue will likely result in heartbreak. Avoid this by thinking about what time of year you want to have your wedding instead, and narrow down dates based on what’s available to you and what fits all of your requirements for your big day.

#3 | Create a Guest List


The sooner your create your guest list, the better! Once you’ve narrowed down the list of people that you definitely want to be at your wedding, you can finalize your budget and research venues  and caterers that will be able to accommodate all of your needs.

#4 | Choose Your Wedding Party


Your wedding party is most commonly made up of the people who you have experienced life with. These people will stand by you on your special day, representing the valuable relationship that you have with them. They’re also the people who will be planning your bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and other elements of the wedding that you delegate to them. The sooner you choose a bridal party, the sooner they can help you out. And celebrate, of course!

#5 | Book a Venue that You Love and Set the Date

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Find a place where you can envision yourself marrying the love of your life and celebrating your love with those closest to you! A friendly tip: The further out from your ideal wedding date that you try to book, the more likely you will get to have your wedding in the venue of your dreams.

 #6 | Hire Your Vendors


Some of the most important elements of your wedding come from outside sources–your vendors! Choose vendors who can help make your dream wedding day come true! Caterers, bakers, DJs, videographers, bars–if you want them at your wedding, it’s best to book 6-9 months before the date. Tip: meet them! You want to be sure that your wedding day is filled with vendors who you get a long with. Not sure? Schedule a meeting!

#7 | Take Engagement Photos


While you and everyone else are still reveling in the excitement of your engagement, take the time to get engagement pictures made celebrating your love and that gorgeous ring your fiancé gave you. This gives you some great insight as to what your wedding day photos will look like!

#8 | Hire a Wedding Coordinator


Your wedding day should be stress free. There’s no need for you to worry about the vendors and small details when you can have someone else take care of it for you. Hiring a Wedding Coordinator will save you time and energy in the days leading up to your wedding. For full planning services check out our vendor list!

#9 | Take Time to Say “Thank You”


Making sure to show appreciation to all of the people who have invested time and money into making your day perfect deserve to have their help acknowledge. Whether through a gift, a card, or in person, let them know that you know how much they’ve been a part in your special day.

 #10 | Enjoy Every Moment of Planning with the People Who Love You


Enjoy your engagement and the planning leading up to your wedding day! This is an exciting time in you and your fiancé’s life as well as in your family and friends’. Enjoy the planning, celebrate often and remember the end goal – your wedding day!


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