Planning Tip | Weekday Wedding

Earlier this month, one of our favorite “FRIENDS” got married. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux had a top-secret ceremony at their home in Bel Air, California surrounded by friends who were told that they were there for Justin’s birthday party. With Courtney Cox by her side as maid of honor, Jen finally married Justin in wonderfully surprising Wednesday Wedding. That’s right! A weekday wedding!

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A quick look at The Old Cigar Warehouse calendar, shows that Saturdays are already booking up through Fall of 2016. With Saturdays disappearing, many of our couples turn to Fridays and Sundays and while we love weekend weddings, we’re here to tell you that following in Jen’s footsteps may be a stroke of genius.

Check out these tips if you’re willing to consider a weekday wedding for your big day!

Wedding Tip #1 | Lower Venue Rental Fees

Most venues offer lower rental fees when comparing Saturday to Sunday and Friday to Monday through Thursday, and The Old Cigar Warehouse is no different. With all weddings requiring a 12-hour rental period, our pricing for 2016-2017 has Saturdays listed at $3,700, while Sunday and Friday is $2,900, and Monday through Thursday is $1,900. That is up to $1,800 of savings on a venue alone.

Wedding Tip #2 | Higher Vendor Availability

After finding the perfect venue and deciding on a date, couples begin turning towards finding a caterer, florist, baker and all other vendors that go into creating the perfect wedding. Just like venues, other vendors quickly get booked on the weekends, especially in times of year that are high in demand. Choosing to have a weekday wedding will help you receive their undivided attention and receive less “I’m sorry, but we’re completely booked” responses during your search.

Wedding Tip #3 | Make Your Wedding into a Long Weekend

Choosing to have your wedding on a Monday can give you and your guests the chance to prepare and celebrate all weekend long. A few extra days for festivities and preparation will have your out of town guests happy to have time to enjoy the city and give you time to truly enjoy your guests. If you’re getting married in Greenville, be sure to pick up a visitor’s guide at City Hall and remind your guests that one of the recently ranked “America’s Best Urban Bike Paths,” The Swamp Rabbit Trail, is in Greenville’s backyard!

Wedding Tip #4 | Save on Hotel Expenses

Your out of town guests will also thank you for booking on a weekday wedding as hotel and flight prices are much less than weekend dates. Cheaper flights equals happier wedding guests!

Wedding Tip #5 | Save on Travel Expenses

Not only will out of town guests save on their own travel expenses, flights and hotels for your honeymoon will be available for discounted weekday rates. With the money that you will save on the wedding and your honeymoon travel, allowing the potential for an even more fabulous honeymoon.

Just a Note | It’s not for Everyone!

Weekday weddings aren’t for everyone, but if your date isn’t set in stone and you’re looking for a way to get everything you want while being under budget, looking into having your wedding on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday might be the perfect solution! We all know Jen’s haircuts rocked the salons in the 90s, why shouldn’t her weekday wedding idea rock the modern day brides?

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