Bridal Open House Feature: Gregory’s Formal Wear “On The Go!”

In just two days, you can see all of our featured vendors at our Bridal Open House. Today’s shout out goes to David Gregory of Gregory’s Formal Wear “On The Go!”


Greenville has been home to the Gregory family business since 1939 when Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Gregory opened Gregory’s Laundry Cleaners – a business with two generations following only to expand the family business. In 1972, their sons saw potential in a growing market and decided to expand the business into formal wear rentals. Grandsons of the founders, Buddy and David Gregory, continued to operate Gregory’s Formal Wear with the same dedication and premiere service as their predecessors. Their hard work consistently earned them the title of “Best Men’s Fashions of the Upstate.BeginningsB_WIn January of this year, David Gregory launched a new branch in the form of Gregory’s Formal Wear “On the Go!” With forty years of experience under his belt, Gregory has taken customer service to an entirely new level. He offers personal visits to the client’s place of choice in order to take proper measurements for a perfect fit. For out-of-town customers, David is happy to work with them directly over the phone or email to guide them through the process of obtaining professional measurements at no cost to them. This is a great service for those out of town grooms or groomsmen to ensure that they have a perfectly fitting and high quality suit waiting for them when they arrive in Greenville.

TAPE1Gregory Formal Wear “On the Go!” is aligned with the premiere supplier of extremely high quality men’s formal wear in the country. To take the premiere service to the next level, Gregory delivers the custom outfits to the client’s home or office, or if preferred, the outfit may be picked up at the office location at 1322 East Washington Street.

We are so excited to have David at our Bridal Open House on July 9th. Be sure to come by and chat with him about making your guys look their best.

Visit for more information on your formal wear needs!

To register for our Bridal Open House and Consignment Sale, visit

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