Bridal Open House Feature: Liquid Catering

Happy Friday! We’re kicking off this holiday weekend with yet another awesome vendor for next week’s Bridal Open House. Liquid Catering will be amongst our featured vendors next Thursday, July 9th, and yes, there will be drinks!

2 - Magnolia Studios


We might be a little biased but our sister company Liquid Catering’s excellent service and creativity speaks for itself! Liquid Catering specializes in premier special event bartending. They offer full-service bar packages for weddings, corporate events, private parties, you name it. Whether an intimate private party or large corporate event running smoothly, Liquid Catering has got it all covered from the bartenders to the ice.anna+michael_0714-LLiquid Catering - 4th Anniversary © J. Jones Photography -


While passion is seen on any event with this company, Liquid Catering staff is trained to continuously serve safely on any and all events while also ensuring the utmost in customer service! Not only does Liquid Catering handle events with top-notch professionalism, your experience during the booking process with Liquid Catering is sure to satisfy. Customization is key and certainly welcome!

Liquid Catering’s Sales Manager Lindsey Pfrommer is always sure to make your bar package fit perfectly for your event, whether that means creating a customized signature cocktail or including the groom’s favorite Thomas Creek’s River Falls Red Ale to have at hand all night.


“We can’t wait for The Old Cigar Warehouse’s next bridal open house! They’re always so fun and a great chance for folks to see the space and meet some awesome wedding vendors (like Liquid Catering!). I wouldn’t suggest missing out…it’s an opportunity to meet us and ask questions in person!”

– Lindsey

Lindsey and the Liquid Catering team will be at our open house so please bring them any questions about bar services that you have! And even if you don’t book with us here at The Old Cigar Warehouse, they can take their services to nearly any venue in the Upstate!

For more information, check out their website at or give them a call at (864) 248-4850.

To register for the Bridal Open House and Consignment Sale, visit

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