Bridal Open House Feature: The Erica Berg Collective

Today’s post is a shout out to a crowd favorite, The Erica Berg Collective! This local favorite will be a featured vendor at our Bridal Open House on July 9th. Come check them out. You won’t be disappointed.


The Erica Berg Collective “loves music as much as you do” and if you’ve heard them you’d be sure to agree! This band gives soul, blues and rock covers a unique twist with their signer, Erica Berg’s AMAZING voice. Offering a guitarist, bassist, drummer and pianist, the Erica Berg Collective is extremely versatile and can be tailored to fit clients’ needs and wants when it comes to entertainment. This versatility along with the exceptional customer service and vibrant energy of the band makes for an all around phenomenal experience.

The Erica Berg Collective is one of our preferred venders, and it isn’t hard to see why. Wherever they are playing, an energetic atmosphere ensues. They bring their services to many places including weddings, events, clubs and restaurants. When the band is playing for the public, people flock – Erica’s voice is known around Greenville and people love it! They pride themselves on making sure that everyone is having a good time, and their ability to read a crowd is a true testimony to that. Haven’t heard the music yet yourself? Here’s just one of the many amazing things bystanders have to say about this band:

“Erica Berg brings great energy to any event. Whether playing background music for a seated dinner, or performing for a crowd during a reception, everyone is sure to have a great time and come away raving about the music.”

Whether you are planning an event or searching for a great new musical act to check out, The Erica Berg Collective is definitely worth a look. Don’t forget, they are a featured vender at our Bridal Open House, so be sure to stop by to get a listen!


To register for our Bridal Open House and Decor Consignment Sale, please visit register here!  

For additional information on The Erica Berg Collective, visit her website at

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