5 Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding

Feeling the heat?! Today’s a reminder that summer is FAST approaching and with its arrival brings amazing summer weddings! When planning your summer wedding be sure to remember some less desirable aspects of summer—sun, heat and the occasional rain. Luckily, we’re here with just a few ideas to help you and your guests survive all of the summer elements.

  1. Programs or Fans? How about both!


It’s likely going to be hot. Whether your ceremony is inside or outside, be prepared for the temperature to rise throughout the day. One fun way to incorporate fans for your guests is to use your wedding program as a fan. Set out a basket of these creative fan-programs, and your guests will surely thank you!

  1. Custom Sunglasses


Having a portion of your celebrations outside or want an inexpensive favor? Create custom sunglasses with your names and date on them! Make them crazy-fun or practical while incorporating your wedding colors too. They’ll protect guests’ eyes during the ceremony and can dance the night away with them during your reception! They make for a great favor and for some awesome pictures!

  1. Drink Tubs


As much as everyone loves an open bar, when the sun is beating down there’s nothing better than a glass of water…or five. Take care of your guests and be sure that there is plenty of water and other non-alcoholic beverages throughout your venue. Throw some classic coke bottles into a tub or add some cucumbers and lemons in water dispensers to create a summery look while keeping everyone hydrated! 

  1. Tent Up!

Between the summer heat and constant 50% chance of rain, tenting your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception is a great summer time solution to keep guests (and vendors) happy. Not only will it keep guests out of the sun during any part of your celebration, but it eliminates the chances of rain putting a damper on your event. Missing the stars at night when you’re stuck looking at the top of the tent? Us too…add some twinkle lights to give your guests the ultimate summer night!

  1. Popsicle Please!


As kids, most of us wanted nothing more than to have an ice-cold popsicle on those crazy hot days. There’s no reason why that should that change! Shake it up and have frozen treats ready to be passed out when things really heat up. The kids will love them and they can help them stay hydrated and cool. Want something a little more sophisticated for your older guests? Try popsicles and Prosecco for a refreshing twist on an old-time summer favorite!

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