Vendor Spotlight – Bravo1 Protection


Bravo1 Protection is a Greenville-based company that not only raises the bar for reliable security, but prides itself on excellent customer service by taking the responsibility of safety seriously. Both one-time and long-term contracts are offered in addition to fixed security posts, and work is done in locations ranging from private residences to large-scale festivals. Bravo1 is fully insured, and will help their clients by being proactive, not reactive. They continually prepare for the worst which protects you, your company or property, your money, and your guests.

Each Bravo1 officer works with confidence arising from extensive experience and rigorous training through in-house classes and outside agencies, not only upon hire but quarterly. Both the company as a whole and all officers are South Carolina Law Enforcement Division certified (SLED), allowing them to act as a local law enforcement officer and make an arrest if necessary. Additional offers includes crowd management, executive protection, parking and traffic control, discreet security, special event training, loss prevention, residential security, gate control, manufacturing and warehouse security, identification verification, armed services upon request, and even security training. The team looks professional at all times, whether in typical Bravo1 security gear, or a suit and tie depending on the occasion. All of Bravo1’s employees are paid higher than competitors, encouraging them to work incredibly hard and maintain the high level of service that Bravo1 upholds.

“When you hire Bravo1 Protection, you aren’t just hiring a door guy, but a company that invested in growing your business and your brand alongside you. We are committed to providing you with great security officers, as well as a management team that is always available should you have any questions or concerns. We guarantee you will have fewer security incidents, a better environment for your staff and most importantly, peace of mind for yourself.”

Complimentary consultations are offered at the beginning of any contract negotiation, allowing customers to experience Bravo1 Protection’s quality of work, risk-free. So really…there is nothing to lose!

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Phone: (864)248-6390


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