10 Fun Reception Ideas For Your Guests!

Some wedding guests just need a dance floor for a great time. Others dread getting jiggy with it in front of others, and would need more than just a little liquid encouragement to dance the night away. Regardless of your type of guest, it’s always best to try your best to make sure that your wedding reception is a fun time for all in attendance. Of course, we know that you can’t always please everyone…but the following ideas can at least provide some inspiration to add in some interaction, a unique flair, and an all-around good time!

1. Guest books are a great opportunity to add in personality, and they can become a fantastic non-mundane activity if they’re unique!

Have guests place their fingerprint on a “wedding tree”, painted on canvas. They can then write in their name next to it. Ta-da! Instant new home artwork. (Don’t forget wet wipes to clean their fingers!)

2. Two functions will really make your favors stand out to your guest: Usefulness. Talking Point. Personally, we love the idea of a favor that can be used the morning after the big day, i.e.: breakfast item or door hangers for the hotel room. These are obviously useful and will get everyone talking about the night before instantly. Think outside the box, your guests have been to weddings before and seen all the normal stuff!

3. Since your guests are all seated at their tables, spice up their conversation! Pinterest alone is full of ideas for interactive place cards or napkins to be set at each seat or table such as a word search, Mad Libs, fill-in-the-blank marriage advice, and more.

4. If you want to liven up the dinner hour, perhaps while guests wait on their table to be called to the buffet line, consider assigning each table a song. When it plays, that table must do an activity, like hit the dance floor, make an impromptu toast, do the hokey pokey, or grab the closest table another round. Your fun-loving DJ can coordinate this!

5. If the two families do not know each other too well, the “Perfect Pair” game uses tent-style name cards to help them mingle. Underneath your guests name, put 1/2 of a famous couple. Once they find their match in the crowd, the inside of their cards will say what they share in common.

6. Maybe you’re looking for more opportunities for the guests to say something personal to the bride and groom. They’ll love it because who doesn’t love giving advice or writing funny memories? Consider a note-writing station with a fun place to drop off the letters (like a vintage mailbox). If you want the experience to be a little more modern, consider incorporating technology by having an iPad to record video messages or even renting a video booth.

7. Speaking of booths…the photo booth never fails. But get creative and make your reception stand out! Custom design the backdrop, or bring in out-of-the-ordinary props.


Love this custom chalk photo booth backdrop!

8. Have other areas for guests to mingle other than the dance floor, bar, and dinner tables. If it works within your venue, provide side activities like board game tables, yard games, or soft seating. Plenty of rental companies offer eclectic furniture, but thrift stores will do the trick too. Multiple activities and hang-outs work beautifully for large headcounts to disperse the crowds.

9. Interactive food can also add a fun activity for your wedding reception. A food truck adds an element of surprise and entertainment, a wine or beer tasting (even if its just a small flight) is a fun talking point and adds an air of sophistication, and a “Build Your Own” station for any type of food is a great go-to with endless edibles.

10. Lots of couples do a big send offs, but what if you don’t want that? Consider another big “all eyes on you” moment, like an awesome grand entrance, a choreographed dance from the wedding party, or even a big group game with you and your significant other in the spotlight. Guests will LOVE it!

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