Vendor Spotlight – Larkin’s Catering

When choosing a caterer, Larkin’s Catering asks you to trust in their numbers. Their catering team has…

  • over 20 years of combined experience
  • delivered over 15,000 custom events
  • received hundreds of awards and accolades for their work
  • and works with a trained staff of over 120 catering professionals

Known especially for the success of their restaurants, Larkin’s strives to create a truly unique experience for every event they cater by working first hand with their clientele to learn their taste, goals, and event ideals. Their staff is well versed in variety and has previously served both Dave Matthews and President Clinton. Larkin’s Catering’s knowledge crosses the entire culinary spectrum. In addition to being known for providing stellar food; their team is trusted, experienced, creative, and organized.

An interactive “Catering Guide” on Larkin’s website allows you to explore diverse options that would best suit your budget and event. If the realm of possibilities overwhelms you, the website also features diverse sample menus to explore and customize, ranging from “The Cook Out” to “An Evening in Venice.”

It’s easy to see why Larkin’s has such a fantastic reputation. From weddings to corporate events, you can trust in their numbers and eventually then see for yourself why they are one of Greenville’s premier catering companies.



Phone: (864) 467-3020

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