Vendor Spotlight – The Sound Committee

We’re sounding off on a band that you can’t miss out on! This band has been known to wow its listeners, capturing the essence of each song they play. The Sound Committee is a local group that features five artists of the Upstate. These guys can rock any style of music, covering Classic Rock to Modern Hits, Country, Reggae, and Funk to Disco and they certainly know how to turn a wedding reception into a true party. The Sound Committee was founded in 2012 and guarantees great music for some good times. They specialize in perfecting any wedding or private party, ensuring that the right tunes are played at exactly the right times. Visit their music listings to see if your favorite song is in their repertoire. Didn’t find what you were looking for? We’re happy to say that this list is always out of date, just because The Sound Committee is constantly learning new music, special for your wedding. They will always work with you to make sure your music preferences are met and your beloved songs are played. In addition to playing weddings and private parties, they are known to play regularly in the Upstate, at local restaurants and cafés. The Sound Committee is constantly updating their calendar so you can listen to the sound that they offer.

The Sound Committee-

Phone: (864) 293-3339


the sound committee

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