6 Tips on How to Be the Best Fiancé

You are so happy to be engaged and can’t wait for the big wedding day. But the whole designing centerpieces and coordinating the day-of timeline thing? Not really your thing. You’d rather just show up to the cake tasting and just wing the ceremony procession. If you’re the more laid back one when it comes to wedding planning, let us give you some tips on how not to come across as apathetic; but rather supportive, excited, and helpful.

  1. Address the big details upfront. Discuss things that could potentially turn into a battleground at the very beginning of wedding planning. Are any of the parents contributing financially, for example? Whatever big issues you could see arising for your wedding in particular, tackle them head on and early on with your partner and attempt to find any helpful solutions and compromises.
  2. Ask where you can help, and follow through. Follow the lead of the lead planner in your relationship. If they seem stressed about creating the guest list, ask if it would be helpful if you put together a list as well and then they can compare and contrast. Don’t wait to collect quotes from caterers if it was asked of you…dates will get booked fast! Ask what your partner needs and follow through with their requests.
  3. Show your support throughout the entire process. Obviously, you are so proud of your partner for taking this  huge role on! Wedding planning is not always easy. Remind them constantly that you are there for support, and that they are doing a stellar job. You might not know about what flowers are available in the spring, but by showing appreciation that your partner does will make all the difference.
  4. Try not to complain. There’s burlap everywhere in the house from the dog tearing into a DIY project…the most recommended transportation company has their whole fleet of limos booked already the day of the wedding…and your mother-in-law has been dropping one too many hints that your wedding colors are ugly. Your fiancé is most likely aware of all of these issues and more. Smile through the struggles and embrace the positive! It doesn’t help your planning- savvy partner to be negative. The wedding will come and go before you know it, and you’ll be wishing later that you could do it all over again.
  5. Set aside time to do absolutely anything other than wedding planning. Sometimes wedding planning can be intimidating and a lot of work. With so much to do, it can be tough to spend time together without talking about and stressing over the wedding. Make time to do literally anything else. Schedule a fun date night or a relaxing day in the park. Your significant other will appreciate it and think you’re the best fiancé ever!

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