Vendor Spotlight – Jeff Bradt Films

A picture is worth a thousand words, or at least, that’s what the old adage says. What we say is that a video is worth a million! Your wedding album will be one of the best ways to remember your wedding day, but don’t you want to remember the emotions and entire ambiance of it all? Not to mention, grandma’s lovely dance moves. Having a wedding photographer is known as a must have, but we know you’ll need the wedding videographer too! Jeff Bradt Films is an amazing way to capture the day full of joy, tears, and fun. Jeff Bradt and his company are passionate about telling your wedding story with elegance, creativity, and heart.

Jeff’s love for photography and cinematography started at an early age, and it wasn’t long until Jeff started winning local and national photography contests. As Jeff was becoming quite the professional in photography, he slowly entered the world of videography. Jeff simply fell in love with how emotionally powerful the way sound and motion presented a wedding day, or any other life moment.

Jeff Bradt Films offers different wedding packages fit just for you, and even includes a Story Teller option, where he interviews the bride and groom before and after the wedding. If you feel like your simple yet elegant taste doesn’t need a video with all the bells and whistles, consider their cinematic short highlight film. It’s a short film that features the best parts of you wedding, which creates a wonderful way to look back on your wedding day over the years and enjoy the moments you shared. Check out our YouTube page to see some of his work at The Old Cigar Warehouse!

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