Vendor Spotlight – Nard’s Backyard BBQ

When picturing your perfectly classic Southern wedding, what do you think of? The rustic background of The Old Cigar Warehouse, mason jars filled with sweet tea, lace table runners, and monograms? Don’t forget about the food, though! This isn’t something that should go unnoticed among all your other lovely ideas. What you feed your guests should go with your theme and have the yum-factor. We know just the caterer…Nard’s Backyard BBQ!20150129_liquid_catering_4th_anniversary_0161

You shouldn’t hesitate because owner Randall Knight has been winning top barbeque awards for years. After starting Nard’s Backyard BBQ, Randall started getting into not only barbeque competitions, but catering as well. Nard’s offers full service catering for hickory smoked barbeque and, of course, all the fixins’ for any big event. What would your classic Southern wedding be without great barbeque, buttery corn on the cob, and some homemade mac’n’cheese? Nard’s also provides all the necessary extras like utensils and sweet tea. If you don’t see that one particular item you’re looking for, Nard’s goes that extra mile to customize your menu for the big day. They bring the championship barbeque to your supper table, whether it be your rehearsal dinner, reception, or corporate lunch. Right now Nard’s is strictly a catering company but we can’t wait to see what the futures holds for their delicious recipes. Yum!20150129_liquid_catering_4th_anniversary_0163

One thought on “Vendor Spotlight – Nard’s Backyard BBQ

  1. Love some Nard’s BBQ… They take part in an event called Bovinoche every where, and always provide some of the best ‘Q you will wrap your lips around!

    Can’t imagine a better caterer to use!

    John M. Hoyt – Hot As A Pepper Band


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