Bridesmaid Dresses – Ways to Break Free from the Norm!

Traditionally, you’ve seen bridesmaids as the bride’s ultimate army of prettiness on the big wedding day. Same dress, same shoes, same jewelry, same hair…you get the picture! Not to say you can’t do this anymore if that’s what you want; but more modern times have showcased a few tweaks here and there, letting your girls wear the same dress, but different shoes. But let’s go even further outside the box and think about this: Everyone is unique, including each of your bridesmaids. Why not let them show off their style? More than anything, it’s important to never forget their budgets or their comfort. So when shopping, look in unexpected places and consider some trendy options. We’ve looked to some of our past brides and their bridal parties for some tips.

Okay, before we get into different ways to dress your bridesmaids, first things first. Bridesmaid dresses do not have to be expensive! We repeat: bridesmaid dresses. do NOT. have to be expensive. Take a look at this butterfly sleeve dress from Forever 21. Only $23!! You can find amazing dresses from casual to formal at many national retailers like this. Amazing!

Your girls more than likely don’t have the same body type, so it might be hard to agree on one universal style. Try a multi-way dress to maintain that uniform look but still suit everybody and every body. If you ask us, this type of dress would be super comfy.


Forget the dress and have your ‘maids where matching skirts! That universal element keeps the look pulled together while each girl can choose a top in a certain shade that they like best. Keep the skirt dressy and you can then let the tops be a bit more casual. Love this look!


If you have a specific color picked out that you’ve gotta have, no worries. Let your ladies know the exact shade and retailer, and then have them pick out the style they like best. You can always set parameters on length. We’re digging our past bride Lansing’s idea of choosing two tones for her bridal party.


Want an idea that’s simple and uber unique? Provide your bridesmaids with a hem length and color tone, and let them pick out any dress that fits their fancy. This is perfect for giving them free reign on how much to spend. Take our past bride Jenni’s girls for example, they did an amazing job with pretty hues of blue.


Like everything with wedding planning, the style worn by your bridesmaids should be a reflection of you (with their comfort and budgets in mind, of course!) Other ideas to break free from the norm are to have them all alike but the Maid of Honor a bit different to stand out or have them carry varying bouquets that show off their personality. Have fun and don’t stress yourself out over it…what matters is that they’ll be by your side on one of the biggest moments of your life. Cheers!


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