15 Creative Guest Book Ideas

Guest books are certainly traditional to a wedding and a nice sentiment for the visitors, but they are also a wonderful opportunity to be creative, show off your personalities, and gather real-life marriage advice. Gone are the days where a guest book needs to be an actual “book”. Here are 25 unique ideas to get started!

  1. A really popular trend right now is signing Jenga game pieces. Every time you and your spouse play, you’ll be reminded of your amazing wedding day!
  2. A platter signed with “gift markers” which are safe to come in contact with food and the dishwasher once dry.
  3. Provide those same gift markers but instead have guests sign a few nice bottles of wine. Many of the markers come in pretty metallic colors.
  4. Love music? Again, gift markers! Have guests sign a record that means a lot to you and your fiance, like the one below shot in our venue.
  5. Quilt squares. Imagine how beautiful a quilt that would be with signatures and loving words from friends and family.
  6. Christmas time is the perfect season to be reminded of how much you are loved. Have guests sign simple tree ornaments or a tree skirt.
  7. Tried and true, class photo frame. Guests will sign all around a photo of the newlyweds and then the entire piece can be framed.
  8. Thumbprint art is pretty cool, but don’t forget to have wipes nearby when guests are done signing!
  9. Another popular guest book trend are large monogram letters to be hung at home. They are typically wooden, can be purchased at craft stores or online, and easily sign-able.
  10. Any guest book alternative that includes the opportunity for guests to give advice are A-OK in our book (get it?!). Leave cards on the place settings, have them tuck away mini scrolls in a large jug…the options are endless.
  11. Going along with leaving advice–why not have guests give great date night ideas? A few months down the line you might find yourself with nothing to do on a Friday night. Just draw one of the ideas from a hat!
  12. Type out a message on a vintage typewriter. This goes great with a lot of wedding themes.
  13. Snap a selfie on a Polaroid camera and sign the bottom.
  14. Sign the couple’s engagement photo book.
  15. Drop a message in a pinata and have some fun opening on your anniversary.

In the end, a guest book is all about connecting with your guests in a way that is meaningful and unique to you. Guests can sign pretty much anything! Happy planning!

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