Vendor Spotlight – GetzCreative Photography

Showing off your personality is one of the best parts of wedding planning!  Between choosing colors, cakes, and themes, there are millions of ways for your wedding to be just as unique as you are. With all these small details, wouldn’t you want your photographer to capture every unique moment your wedding day has to offer? GetzCreative Photography’s mission is to capture the essence of who you are, as an individual, as a couple, and as the host of your big event.  They offer comprehensive photo-shoots showcasing every bit of your personality and presents it in a tangible way to be treasured forever.

getzcreative1TJ Getz, owner of GetzCreative, is bursting at the seams with creative ideas to add the necessary flair to each project he creates. Labeling GetzCreative as “fashion-inspired, cinematic photographers,” TJ goes above and beyond to represent an individual, relationship, or event in way that conveys the same feelings that were in that moment. Offering creative portraits like singles, couples, family and boudoir photography, GetzCreative also specializes in wedding, editorial, and commercial photography.

TJ knows there is more to photography than just showing up. He provides your photo-shoot with an entire concept to focus around and manages all behind the scenes work to make your prints amazing. Once you’ve chosen your concept, your session’s look is completed through a combination of wardrobe, hair & make up, props, location, and photo-finishing. Take a look at their albums to get a feel for the looks they can create, as well as their website to see portfolios, services, and pricing. Never feel like your photographer got the statement your wedding made. Choose GetzCreative Photography and admire your wedding’s individuality and creativity for the rest of your lives.

Remember how we said GetzCreative would help show off your personality? Perfect example!

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