Vendor Spotlight – Southern Valet

Have you ever shown up to a special event and wondered, “Where am I going to park?” This nuance can often be a reason why you don’t show up at all! You’ve seen valet services at hotels and such, but wouldn’t be nice to hire a company to provide those services where you need them? Southern Valet has taken the worry and frustration out of the downtown and event parking experience. Specializing in transportation and parking lot management, they offer a personalized experience for you and your guests as you enjoy your event.

Southern ValetAfter opening in Columbia in July 2005, Southern Valet has not only expanded their service area to include the entire state of SC, but also expanded their services to include corporate events, wedding and group transportation, and parking lot management. They have the organization necessary to keep your wedding day running smoothly, and each parking attendant is trained to anticipate whatever the day throws at them. Don’t forget that while Southern Valet is taking care of your guests, they can also take care of your bridal party by offering transportation services for the wedding. You and your guests will love the service they receive from Southern Valet. Southern Valet 3

Southern Valet’s website is very easy to use, with listings of their vehicles, clients, and even the ability to attain a free parking lot analysis. Always feel free to browse their services at Southern Valet and be assured that you will find the perfect services to fit the needs of your wedding day or corporate affair. At Southern Valet, they are beyond helpful in booking, and will always work with you when there is a change in plan. Safety is their biggest priority, but their great service makes Southern Valet your priority transport and parking service providers.Southern Valet 2

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