Perks of an “Off Date” Wedding

You just got engaged over the holidays–congratulations!–and you’re ready to start planning now. Good for you! First thing’s first: book a venue. You don’t need nor want a long engagement so you’re looking at the upcoming new year to say I Do. However lo and behold, many venues are booked solid every Saturday, the most popular day of the week for weddings. Yikes! We were inspired to write this post because in the last month, we have had to turn away so many wonderful couples because we are already booked up for the year. It’s hard to believe, but all but just a few Saturdays are left in 2015 at The Old Cigar Warehouse. Why not have your wedding on an off date? An off date refers to pretty much any day of the week other than Saturday. Even if your favorite venue isn’t booked up, there are still some major perks that come along with hosting your wedding on a day that doesn’t start with Sat and ends with urday.

ring-calendar1. You get what you want. If you’re desperate for a gorgeously crisp November affair or a hot summer dance party in your honor, but those Saturdays are already taken, consider another day in those months that is open. We can guarantee that the only thing holding you back from having your dream wedding in your favorite month and in your favorite venue is the common notion that weddings are held on Saturdays, rehearsal dinners on Fridays, etc. Don’t let this stop you from savoring beautiful blooms in April, decorating with pumpkins in October, or snagging the reception space you’ve had your eye on from the get-go.

2. You’ll save money. We repeat: You. Will. Save. Money! Like many other venues, we charge a higher rate on Saturdays since these are high in demand. Though by booking on a Friday or Sunday, you will start to see those rates go down. And book between Monday and Thursday? Even less! Other vendors besides venues will offer lower pricing as well on off dates, so by celebrating on Thursday you’re going to probably score some major deals.

3. Your out of town guests might thank you for it. Let’s say your nuptials are planned for a Friday instead of a Saturday. This still gives guests a weekend date to relax without having to rush home the day after. They can explore the town on Saturday and then not feel rushed going home on Sunday; or they can start their journey on Saturday but still have a day of rest back home before the work week begins. See where we’re going? Guests don’t necessarily need a Saturday night event.

4. You can still have the weekend you want, but avoid major public events. More often that not, major public events such as parades and festivals fall on weekends. Namely, Saturdays. The first weekend in December may be perfect for your bridal party and letting you tap into the winter wonderland theme, but the city has a huge holiday parade planned where streets will be blocking your venue’s entrance and the crowds will be thick. Leave that stress to another couple and take the open Sunday instead!

5. Vendors will have more availability. Vendors love off date weddings. Why? It’s simple. Because if a photographer is already booked on a Saturday but shooting another wedding on a Friday, they’re making extra money that weekend. Wahoo for them! If you and your significant other decide that hiring a specific band is of the utmost importance but they’re locked in a Saturday gig, than by golly I bet they might be available on Sunday!

In the last two years of being in business, we have seen some fantastic off date weddings on Fridays, Sundays, Thursdays, and even Mondays. We encourage you to consider such days for your wedding day and discuss the perks with your fiance. Or just ask us for recommendations from past couples. Happy planning!

To see all available dates at The Old Cigar Warehouse, please visit our calendar.

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