Vendor Spotlight – Marble Slab Creamery

Offbeat brides and grooms unite! We’re lookin’ at you, bride who just isn’t a cake person. And you, newlyweds-to-be that had their first date over ice cream. And you!–groom that just really wants everyone to customize their own dessert. If you’re the type that is overwhelmed by wedding cake decisions or simply just don’t want cake at all (“Why do I need pictures of myself cutting cake?”), then we have the perfect alternative for you: Marble Slab Creamery.


First and foremost, Marble Slab Creamery is a delicious ice cream shop with franchise locations all across the globe. All their ice cream is freshly homemade right in the store. Um, yum! The flavor menu is longer than this blog post and is guaranteed to please any palette. There are other options as well such as non-fat yogurts, sorbets, and shakes.

While Marble Slab Creamery can certainly provide yummy cupcakes and ice cream cakes, we alluded to something a little different for the big day. You may have already figured it out…ice cream sundae bars! Advertised as “The World’s Freshest Ice Cream, At Your Service”, Marble Slab’s catering capabilities are impressive. Not only is the company’s Greenville staff professional and great to work with, but their set ups are super cool. Ice cream plus all the toppings you could ask for? We’re on board. Not to mention the little extras are all included in their package like napkins, spoons, and cups.

Your guests will love this idea. They get the option to create their own tasty masterpiece and plus; there’s just something about ice cream sundaes that make you feel like a kid again. A few of our couples have employed this fun idea including Michael and Jenni, a super sweet couple that got married this past November. Check out a photo of them by Marble Slab staff posing with their sundaes!


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