Vendor Spotlight: WireWood

Let’s flash back really quick to October. We posted a Vendor Spotlight blog featuring Trio 864. If you go back and read that post, you’ll note that the mastermind behind the talented group is Laura Koelle Pyle. And guess what? She’s half of the amazing WireWood too! The other half of this dynamic duo is Keith Groover, who takes on the guitar as Laura plays the cello.


Laura is a real musical gem. She teaches cello at Clemson University and is a member of several local symphonies. Keith is yet another wonderful freelance musician. Between gigs with WireWood, he teaches guitar at North Greenville University and is the music director at Grace Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg. So, basically, yes…you most definitely want these folks to perform at your wedding. Think well-known rock and pop songs, but all instrumental. Cool!

WireWood promises to not just be elegant, but also creative and memorable. With live music, instead of “Oh, that’s nice. What a neat idea for the ceremony”, you want to hear “Wow! This music is so awesome. Is that the Beatles they’re playing?!” WireWood is there to please your wishes and wow your guests. Whether you’re looking for traditional songs or something a little more off the beaten path, the group has an extensive list to choose from. These guys can learn songs fast too–they’re pros after all!

For further information about WireWood, head on over to their website to see and hear what they have to offer!


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