Vendor Spotlight – Project Host

While our vendor list is full of tried and true caterers, florists, and photographers, we want to always be able to recommend the road less traveled to clients who may be looking for a more unique (but still professional!) selection. You may have never heard of Project Host but we’re here to tell you all about their food-based programs, excellent missions, and specialty catering services.

Project Host

The most commonly known program through Project Host is their soup kitchen, which feeds on average about 150 people each week with volunteers spending precious time preparing and serving the meals. This is where Project Host all started back in 1981 by local church leaders concerned about the well-being of the community’s less fortunate. Through decades of experience, the soup kitchen is now a staple in the Greenville area. Extending from this concept, Project Host launched their Feeding Hungry Children Project in 2010 with the mission to ensure every child has delicious and nutritious food options.

Another great program available with Project Host is the CC Pearce Culinary School. This 12 week program is offered to unemployed or underemployed individuals seeking to gain culinary skills in order to provide for their families in the food service industry. Students learn the ropes of food preparation, food safety, and general life skills to better their chances of self-sufficiency. Even better…their hands-on experience involves cooking meals for the Feeding Hungry Children Project! We also cannot forget to mention the Project Host Garden, which is the first soup kitchen garden in the country that is actually on-site.

Let’s talk about Project Host’s catering capabilities. This division is also carried out by the culinary students and gives them a peek inside the world of hospitality. Everything is fully customizable, full-service, and food is made with the freshest, local ingredients. Options are endless for private celebrations, corporate parties, non-profit functions, and more. Since this aspect of Project Host is revenue-generating for the CC Pearce Culinary School, your business helps support those who are enrolled in the program. Whether you’re a bride looking to celebrate a new marriage but also give back, or a corporate client seeking a new avenue of wonderful food, you can count on Project Host. We welcome this catering program into our space and look forward to telling you more about them!



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