Vendor Spotlight: Swamp Rabbit Inn

“Vendor Spotlight” doesn’t always have to mean a vendor that comes inside our venue to perform a service. In fact, it can instead mean a client going to them. Whether your company is hosting a corporate retreat and needs to house a few VIPS or you need the perfect spot for your bridal party to camp out over the big wedding weekend; Swamp Rabbit Inn is the ticket!



Convenience – Let’s cut to the chase about one of the best parts about the Swamp Rabbit Inn. Ready for it…? It’s one short block away from The Old Cigar Warehouse. This lodging choice is not only perfect for Greenville, but perfect for any client that may book our venue and needs to stay overnight in the city. You can certainly drive the 15 seconds it takes to get there from our front door, or you can just as easily walk or ride your bike. And if it’s close to us, then it’s close to everything downtown has to offer.

Unique CharmThe Swamp Rabbit Inn is a European style bed and breakfast with some great perks. A community living room offers funky decor and lounge space, the back decks are open for easy relaxation, and each room offers its own eclectic look. And while you’re not out exploring some of Greenville’s finest restaurants, get your own grub and cook a masterpiece in the sleek, modern kitchen. You never know who you’ll meet in the hallways!

Services – There are 6 rooms available for rent. If you’re flying solo to a friend’s wedding and don’t want to worry about grabbing a taxi after the reception, it’s simple to just stroll over to your bed at the Swamp Rabbit Inn. Or, better yet, the entire house is available for rent. Isn’t this sounding perfect for your band of bridesmaids? Take advantage of everything the Inn has to offer and rent a bike from their daily fleet.

No matter how you experience the Swamp Rabbit Inn you can count on innkeeper, Wendy Lynam, to provide the utmost customer service. Her passion for cycling and meeting Greenville visitors inspired her to create this new concept for the city. We love hearing our clients say “We’re just down the street…we booked the Swamp Rabbit Inn!” Don’t forget to use the hashtags #BikeInnBikeOut and #yeahTHATGreenville!



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