An Intimate Evening with Cody & David

A wedding can be anything you make it out to be. There are so many options for decor, type of music, food and beverage, games, and tons of other aspects to consider. This past October we helped Cody and David seal the deal on their lifelong love and have concluded that their union was one of perfectly meshed details from start to finish.



First of all, the gentlemen and their families were excellent to work with. Before the ceremony, friends and family pitched in with set up and answering last minutes questions–which is ideal when the couple is trying to relax and focus on not being nervous. Cody and David came to numerous open houses that we hosted to scope out the space as much as possible for planning purposes and to meet potential vendors. Take it from them: this is the best opportunity to see the venue all done up with a mock ceremony set up and meet those who might be providing your wedding services!

We loved Cody and David’s big day because it was so intimate and detail-oriented. Take a look at their awesome layout which allowed for conversation and seated view of the entire dance floor. Guests mingled in close quarters enjoying delicacies from Good Life Catering and cocktails from Liquid Catering. Dancing did indeed take place in the middle of the gorgeous farmhouse tables which worked out well. Instead of folks climbing over each other to see the first dance moments unfold, they could stay comfortably seated and watch in loving awe. The decor is something not to be missed! The burlap, purples, and warm tones from the tables and candles created a look made for the Old Cigar Warehouse. Centerpieces drew eyes in with antique books and page-wrapped wine bottles, while wine cork place cards made each and every guest feel special as they found their seat. Trust us when we say that this set up was simply glowing with perfection under our vintage lights.

Before the major dancing ensued, Cody and David cut their customized cake from Holly’s Cakes which we have no doubt was delicious as ever. Carolina Party Professionals then got the rest of the evening rolling with jams from the 90’s to now that kept guests up on their feet. We feel thankful to have helped make this day so special and are glad that FamZing Photography& Video was able to capture the atmosphere. Cheers to this happy couple!!




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