Vendor Spotlight: Allison Elizabeth Photography

You’re in the market for a wedding photographer, but there’s always that craving for more. You might be thinking, “What do you mean?” We mean the craving for comfort, trust, and friendship. You want to feel comfortable in front of your photographer. After all, you’ll be posing for engagement shots in the early months, maybe some formal bridal portraits later on, and hours on end on your wedding day. You want to trust your photographer through the entire process too. Between deposit payments and looking out for the best lighting, a trustworthy photographer will make all the difference. Through months of comfort and trust, you will probably (hopefully!) form a friendship with your wedding photographer. Someone to rely on who will hear your thoughts and understand what you want or need. Looks like we just described Allison Elizabeth Photography!

Allison has always loved photography, art, and creative design. Her passion for such led her to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional photographer at Liberty University. During her studies, she was able to find a mentor and start honing in on her skills. Nowadays, Allison helps make couples’ wedding days run smoothly with fun photography. She boasts that her style is, among many things; fresh, unique, and alive. Her goal is to make you feel at ease while preserving your special moments forever. Allison is ready to be your go-to girl. She’s full of organization and knows that you might not be a pro at posing or what to do next. She’ll never rush you, but instead give you guidance on being the star of the show and ensure that the photographs are taken efficiently on the big day. It’s all about capturing your personality!

We love Allison’s blog which archives all of her work. This is a great way to get a feel for her services before meeting in person. Of course, seeing wedding photos in an album will really put things into perspective so don’t be afraid to set up an appointment with Allison to review past work, chat about what you’re looking for in a photographer, and ask any questions. Now for the fun part–take a look at some of Allison’s recent photographs in our venue!






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