Vendor Spotlight – Upstate Harp

Ah, the beauty of music. If you think there are just bands and DJ’s available for weddings, we must say that you are wrong! Treat yourself (and your guests!) to the elegant sound of the harp on your big day. Whether just for the ceremony, during cocktail hour, or throughout the entire reception, Upstate Harp is where you should book.


Claire Marie Stam is the musician behind Upstate Harp, and it’s not like she picked up this as a hobby yesterday. Claire’s passion for playing the harp extends nearly 20 years back to when she first learned the instrument at the age of 8. Claire’s achievements are impressive. She has won several awards for her musical talents, received a number of scholarships, and has had the opportunity to play in a handful of notable symphonies and events. What we’re trying to get at is this: when you book Upstate Harp, you’re investing in a professional!

Claire is open to all musical requests, traditional or popular. You don’t need to feel pressure when meeting with Claire either–there is no consultation fee or obligation to book a service. If you’re in South Carolina, North Carolina, or Georgia then Upstate Harp is for you! Claire has been traveling in the Southeast area for quite some time and is always looking for new opportunities. Rates are pretty dependent on time frame, location, and type of service, but it’s easy to request a free quote. Weddings are one of Upstate Harp’s specialties, but any event you are planning can be made better with a touch of class from the sound of the harp.

It’s easy for us to gush about Upstate Harp, but why not give her a listen? Experience the elegance!

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