Vendor Spotlight – Thoroughfare Food Truck

When you think of your wedding, do you envision “alternative”, “hip”, “unique”, or something similar? You might already be seeking out some really cool decor, signature drinks, fun reception games, and more. Well, what about the food…why not hire an-out-of-box caterer? A huge trend right now: food trucks! Food trucks have taken off the last couple of years, and really gained some ground in the city of Greenville. We’re proud to say that Greenville now has quite the handful of food trucks roaming the streets, all with a different cuisine and style. One that we want to spotlight today is Thoroughfare Food Truck.

tf1Neil and Jessica Barley are a husband and wife dream team with passions for good food, good drink, and local food sources. They sound like our kind of people! Neil started cooking as a teenager to make some easy cash, but little did he know that it would become a lifelong labor of love. While working in catering southeast Georgia, Jessica came along and the rest is history. Today, this duo has taken their excitement for making delicious food and turned that into a successful food truck business.

What can you count on with Thoroughfare Food Truck? For starters, you can count on fresh and local produce. From the meat to the veggies, the frequently changing menu proves that only the ripest of Upstate ingredients are being used. You can also always count on super friendly service. You’re going to see either Neil or Jessica at the truck window with a smile on their face because serving such wonderful food to the community is what they love!

If you like what you’re reading, let’s talk catering. It’s true–many food trucks can offer specialized menus based on your preferences for a large number of people. In fact, according their website, Thoroughfare is pretty booked with private events these days! Check out some sample catering menus and pricing. Back in the spring, we hosted an Underground Night where we opened our space to the public for some drink specials. We invited Thoroughfare Food Truck to come serve their goodies and it was a hit! They simply park where it is convenient for both them, guests, and the venue.

If you really want your wedding or special event to be one to remember, hiring a food truck to privately cater might be your ticket. It’s fun, very different, and totally tasty. Oh, and trying out some of Thoroughfare’s food is easy. No need to make an appointment, but rather browse their current schedule and see where they’ll be serving lunch or dinner in the next couple of weeks. Hint: food trucks love breweries! In conclusion, we suggest getting in touch with Neil and Jessica soon, because this trend is growing and growing with no signs of slowing down!

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