5 Commandments for Wedding Venue Shopping

Since we are a special event and wedding venue, we can’t ever post enough advice about choosing the right venue! We’ve seen it all and we want to give you these 5 commandments when shopping for the perfect locale. So, brides and grooms: settle in and read up!

outside old cigar warehouse

1. Thou shall be flexible. We’re going to be honest with you. Venues book fast. Like 12+ months out from the wedding date fast. Not to put the pressure on, but the venue should be one of your number one booking priorities after getting engaged. But okay, let’s say your date is less than a year away and you love a particular venue. Be prepared to be flexible. Consider less common days like Thursdays or Sundays–hey, they’re usually at a lower rate!

2. Thou shall be mindful of the location. Where can you get married these days? Just about anywhere! But you do need to be conscious of your guests and how the location of your wedding might affect them. For example, if your ceremony and reception are not in the same location and far away from each other, you risk losing guests in that travel period. Think about parking – Is there enough room for everyone? Do they have to pay? Is is close enough to hotels that they could walk?

3. Thou shall obey the headcount. Your headcount demands you to be restricting in some aspects of wedding planning, including the venue selection. If you’re inviting 250 guests, expecting 200 to show, but the venue you’re holding out for can only accommodate 175, it’s probably best to find something else. Or cut down the guest list. Trust us when we say that forcing your friends and family into a too tight space will not be fun for anyone. Ask the venue manager for a sample layout that pertains to your count.

4. Thou shall keep in mind that size does matter. The size of your venue really does matter depending on what you want for your wedding, plain and simple. Buffet set up, tables and chairs, gift table, lounge, bar, dance floor, DJ set up or stage for the band, photo booth, cake table..these are all things that need to be placed in your layout. Our best advice? Ask the venue manager for tidbits on what has worked well where in the past. If you have a lot going on and looking at a venue on the smaller side; again, don’t force it.

5. Thou shall pace oneself. You’ve got seven venue tours lined up over the next couple of days but oooh, you just love that very first one! Stop right there! Don’t go rushing into a decision unless you 100% have a gut feeling that the venue is the one. Otherwise, you need to keep moving and see the available options. When we tell couples that three other events are tentatively on the calendar for their date, we mean it. But that doesn’t mean we want them jumping in too fast and making the wrong choice for their big day. Pace yourself and weigh your options. Just start looking as early as possible and you’ll be fine!

Happy Shopping!

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