5 Quick Tips for Any Event

We often post blogs specific to a type of event but there are a handful of pro tips that we want to share that work with any affair! Whether you’re planning your wedding, a nonprofit fundraiser, or a company holiday party, keep these short and sweet tidbits in mind for smooth sailing:

1. For any event using even just a bit of outdoor space: always have a rain plan! We all know that even the most popular weatherperson is never 100% right, so prepare for a downpour no matter what. Don’t forget to send this plan to all your vendors as well.

2. Speaking of vendors, keep them in the loop as much as possible. From caterers to florists to DJs, send all final layouts, rain plans, timelines, and other necessary information that they may need in advance and the day of.

3. In fact, keep your guests updated too! Let them know beforehand parking information, what the event will involve (cash bar or open bar? gluten-free and/or vegetarian meals?), and if applicable, hotel recommendations if they are staying overnight.

4. Don’t let guest flow bog you (or your event) down. For example, trust us when we say that putting a bar right by the registration table is going to cause a traffic jam. Simply ask your venue coordinator for some solid advice on what has worked well in the past.

5. Be original! Put your creative thinking cap on to make your event stand out from the rest. For corporate events, mix up the venue or vendors. For fundraisers, find new and exciting ways to market your cause. For weddings, go beyond the typical Pinterest posts.



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